The Plastic Solution

We sat down with the Circle Hostel’s Ziggie Gonzales to ask him about his newest project #ThePlasticSolution. Through filling bottles with non-biodegradable waste, he hopes to create an eco-brick movement in the Philippines, beginning with the Circle Hostel.

A sample of a wall built with eco-bricks.

A sample of a wall built with eco-bricks.

What is an eco-brick?

An eco-brick is a plastic bottle stuffed solid with non-biological waste to create a reusable building block.

Why not just recycle plastic bottles?

There is a limit on how much we can recycle plastic bottles. Every time we “recycle” a plastic bottle we expend enormous amounts of energy to melt them down and reshape them. After repeating this process repeatedly the plastic bottle will get to a point you cannot recycle it anymore and it simply becomes waste.

Won’t the plastic bottle melt or break?

The plastic bottles will be used as fillers for walls when built and are not meant to support the structure. Once the plastic is integrated into the build it will not break nor be exposed to the elements to melt it.

How does the Circle plan to help?

The Circle wants to raise awareness of the serious environmental threat loose non biodegradable trash has on our environment by promoting recycling through creating eco-bricks. The eco-bricks in turn will be used to build the hostel and homes of our community partners.

How can a “regular person” help?

Collect trash every day. Start with a week. You’ll see how much this adds up, then stuff them into bottles. You can either volunteer as a drop off point or to ferry the bottles to us.

What are the Circle’s ultimate plans?

We want to minimize the trash in the environment while showing that what is normally deemed worthless can be used to uplift the lives of other people.

What are the drop-off points now?
All the hostels of course and also

-Z Hostel
-Lokal Hostel
-Ateneo de Manila University: MVP 307 AESS Org Room, point person Camille Rodriguez

Haring Ibon Tambayan, AS Basement, point person Jim Bagano
4th Flr West Wing of Melchor Hall, point person Klarysse Domingo

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