Common Area Convos: Tell Us About A Friend You Made At Circle

So many friendships have been formed at #TheCircleHostel! Here are some of the many stories from our guests:

Really happy to have met @senorica and @rafdionisio at a last minute plan to visit LU. It’s always amazing to meet like-minded, and really passionate people! I have since then met up with Rica in Vietnam and Singapore, and hopefully soon in another country! Raf, still waiting for your visit! Not writing for the prize, by the way. 🙂 just feeling nostalgic! Haha. – rainarreyes

Together with@s_h_y_n_n_e , I met @princesdiariesand @ipatnano at @thecirclehostel Liwa on exactly 19 Feb 2015 and we’ve been friends and travel buddies ever since! 😂 It feels like forever OMG…  – mocha424

I met the coolest pal,@pedrongpartie the artist/photographer, at Circle Zamba during his solo trip for his birthday last September 2014. We’ve been the bestest pals ever since – traveled to different places, surfed and hiked mountains after that meetup. We call each other “the blessing of the universe”. I also got engaged with the advocacy of @yabangpinoy because of this dude! Couldnt thank Circle Zamba enough! – zetcuenca

@rylagrace Met her at the hostel and it was priceless! Now she’s my surfing buddy, home buddy and super buddy! – tashianaquino

Have you met anyone who became a good friend through the Circle? Send us a private message on Facebook with your story!

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