Common Area Conversations: Yuli

We met Yuli at the hostel one afternoon in La Union and she eagerly told us about how much she was enjoying her time not only at the Circle but in San Juan, La Union in general. Having never been, she did not expect to fall in love so quickly with the town. She even joined us to watch the sunset… which later inspired her to get a tattoo from our friend Faust, who happened to set up shop at the Circle for the time being.

But why listen to us when you can read about Yuli’s experience in her own words?

Yuli, Faust and her new tattoo.

Yuli, Faust and her new tattoo.

“In the island of Luzon, Philippines there’s a small surf town called San Juan. A town where time stops, and the sunsets are legendary. But what really makes the place are the incredible people. The people that wake up at 6am to surf and walk around all day in board shorts with smiles ear to ear. Thank you for being so welcoming, loving and friendly. Thank you for making us a part of your family. And a special thanks to Faust Olecram, an amazing artist and dear brother, who made this special place forever a part of me. #gottatted #followthesun” 

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