Common Area Conversations: Mel’s Experience

We got this message from Mel, who was recently a guest of ours in La Union. We loved her story so much that we asked if we could share it!

“When I travel, I’m usually alone. I meet many people during my travels however, it’s not often that I’ll stay in contact with them afterwards. The Philippines have proved to be an exception.



Instagram seems to have been a great place to connect with people. Sagada, meeting a couple @jammmbautista and @gouldian just having random conversations. In Baguio, meeting up with @mcmackulit to go waterfall chasing.

Then of course, there was La Union… Urbiztondo to be exact. Oh well, The Circle Hostel. I’m a bit of an introvert, I’m not the best at socializing, but the people there were just so .. warm? HAHA.. Is that a strange way to describe it?


Marc (@marcmaravilla) , Chau (@__chau__) Casey (@smithcaseyj) just to name a few … just great people. Getting Chau to jump off a 10ft cliff, despite her fear of heights, then going on to climb up to the top of tangadan, and put her feet in the waters that flow off the edge.. I could not believe the courage she had to be able to do that. If I’d been afraid of heights, there’s no way I would have gotten up there at all. I appreciate everyone’s hospitality, and just… friendliness? Does that make sense? Meh. Everyone was great ;)” 

Thank you Mel, for joining the Circle. We hope to see you again soon.

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